BIG - JE´11 LPW´11 Wisewyn What a Feeling, 3rd Top Collie 2012

 We are Sofia and Marco Esteves.

Our first collie was Steadwyn Blue for You, who came to us in September 2001 from Anja Ejerstad, Sweden, and became Port Ch in 2003 after only 5 shows!

Ch Steadwyn Blue for You on 2003, the day she became Champion

                                2003                                       2010                                                                                                             2012

She was the founder of our Wisewyn collies.  She gave us 3 litters. Later we imported Killochan Castle Crystal Moon from Holland and we added Wisemoor A Star Galaxy at Wisewyn to our breeding family. Both retired now. After a pause in showing, we re-started with our own bred Wisewyn Show Stopper in 2009 with good results: BIS! He became P. Ch whithin a few months before 2 years of age ! He gained title Top collie 2010. Also in 2009 we decided to import sable color collies, so we have imported KillochanCastle Forbidden Choice and KillochanCastle Forbiden Charm, both from Holland.  From them we recovered CEA good gene for good eyes. They joined our Wisewyn family and soon we have discovered that the main male we used in our breeding was also CEA (+/-) normal carrier, which makes 50% of all wisewyn collies DNA free from CEA ! In 2010 we also added Houm Tet a Tet Joins to Wisewyn, a blm male from Russia, a stunning show ring moover who also ad the MDR1 clear gene to our Wisewyn family gene pool. He´s now P Ch. We tryed UK/Spanish imports to introduce american/european bloodlines, whithout success. So we gave up that line and planned to moove on with our own home bred stock.    2012 also brought us many happy moments at Dog Shows: a BIG and a 2nd place as breeders group. 2013 brought a pause in shows due to portuguese economy.  In July 2013 Sandra Hamilton "Glasgowhill´s rough collie kennel" sent us Claudia "Glasgowhill´s She´s a Model" and Glasgowhill´s Viewer´s Choice "Brad" who quickly became Junior Champion, JP´14 and best puppy´13.  Glasgowhill´s collies are fabulous, and with them we plan to improove size, DNA CEA, DM and MDR1 along with great temperement. Brad became Jr Ch and TOP collie 14. In 2015 we gave up showing our collies. New circunstancies prevent us from doing this hobby anymore. We plan a few litters and enjoy the company of 7 collies during this year.

Thank you to all who had suported us through all these years full of joy